probably the same
it's christmas time

today i decorated our christmas tree and i think it looks great !

later i did some cleaning and school stuff.

well, not the best way to spend the vacations, but i can't help it.

so, merry christmas everyone !


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23.12.10 17:13

Yesterday it was snowing, but now it's melting...

yesterday i had a great fun photoshoot with jacqueline and arne.

i got a bunch of great pictures, but unfortunately it got already dark when we started. nevertheless it worked out fine (:

 here are some results:


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22.12.10 21:18


Yesterday, we got a day off due to an upcoming snowstorm, which never got to us (:

So since i had some free time, i used it quite well, and took some pictures with my new fake fur waistcoat!

Only two more days of school and we'll have winter break. On the 27th i'm going to see my love for a whole week. i'm so excited (:



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17.12.10 22:25


finally i'm done with all my exams! i think it was about time, because it's driving me nuts and it's hard to concentrate.

 sunday i'll have a photoshoot with a friend. it's gonna be great, 'cause we'll shoot outside and since it has been snowing, it's a winter wonderland outside (:

so beautiful!



3.12.10 21:21

shopping with my mom

shopping with my mom is always fun, because this way we're having some nice conversations and on the other hand is she paying for my stuff haha.

i needed some new winter clothing so we bought two cardigans and two sweaters for me. also i bought a new necklace and a new bag. i really love it!

to get my photoshootings a little more exciting i also bought three venetian masks. hope they turn out to be worth it  (:

27.11.10 19:02


a night to remember!

i loved every step we took, every minute and every touch.

you are the one, i miss the most, the one i'm constantly thinking about.

we're gonna make it. all the way, trough all the problems we'll be facing.


20.11.2010 - our date




25.11.10 10:46


my heck-week of finals is finally over!

even if i don't know, who actually brought down who in the finals, but it doesn't really matter in the end. so everything's fine.

tomorrow's gonna be definitely the best day of the week. i'm going to see my beloved-one again and enjoy a great performance of his band !

so let's get this shit started!

19.11.10 13:46

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